Fenwick links with Queen’s Park

Fenwick links with Queen’s ParkSource: Trinidad Express

Former San Juan Jabloteh coach Terry Fenwick has linked up with the Queen's Park Cricket Club.

Fenwick and associates are making a last-ditch attempt to have Queen's Park join the Digicel T&T Pro League for the 2011-2012 season.

"It's myself and a few other parties who have linked with Queen's Park," Fenwick declared last Thursday. "We are working on something, but it's six weeks before the Pro League starts and there are still a few things outstanding.

"If we can bring everything to a conclusion quickly, there is a chance that Queen's Park could be in the Pro League," Fenwick added.

However, on Friday League chief executive Dexter Skeene said that up to then Queen's Park were not considered to be among this season's teams.

"At this point they are out," Skeene said. "They have not met the requirement for entry to the Pro League. Officially, we have 11 teams and at this point Queen's Park is not one of them."

Asked if there was any possibility of the Parkites being a late entry, Skeene said that would have to be decided by a meeting of the Pro League board.

In related news, Fenwick disclosed he had followed up on threats to sue Jabloteh for wrongful dismissal by filing a pre-action letter.