DIRECTV lends assistance to graduating SEA students

DIRECTV lends assistance to graduating SEA studentsNorth East Stars naming sponsor DIRECTV continued on its mission of enriching the lives of communities, through co-sponsorship of the Manzanilla/Nariva Primary School’s graduation ceremony held on Thursday 30 June on the school’s premises for twenty one graduating SEA students.

Principal Mr.Theophilus Nedd who lauded DIRECTV’s benevolence commented, “This class of SEA students have worked extremely hard in their preparations for the SEA exam and this was certainly reflected in their results, which incidentally have been the best the school has received in recent years. They truly deserve to be recognised and congratulated on their achievements. Thank you DIRECTV for your generosity and assistance in making this a day that they’ll never forget.”

Mrs. Lana Mc Donald, the school’s senior teacher related, “Earlier this year I read about DIRECTV’s involvement in assisting local communities with DIRECTV North East Stars Football Club. Two players, Anthony and Glenton Wolfe, of the club attended this very school. I therefore decided to approach DIRECTV for their assistance with this event, for which they willingly agreed.”
Speaking after the graduation ceremony, Lindsay Boodoo, Marketing Co-ordinator of Trade and Sponsorship at DIRECTV commented, “A key element of the DIRECTV brand is adding value to our communities and of course supporting this country’s youth segment in their personal development is crucial. Based on the accomplishments of these students which were cited during the ceremony as well as from the unity and discipline displayed, I definitely think that I’ve gotten a glimpse of some this country’s future leaders here today. It’s been an absolute privilege for DIRECTV to be associated with this event.”

Last month another school, Rampadalgas RC along the Toco Main Road welcomed the presence of DIRECTV North East Stars. The pupils were treated to Japs Fried Chicken, received pencils and writing pads and even afforded the opportunity to interact with the North East Stars staff.

Stars also used the opportunity to inform Rampanalgas FC of their summer vacation “Write On” and “Stamp Camps”.

The fun educational project which will introduce stamp collecting to 9 - 11 year old children as well as encouraging them to write to pen-pals across the world—a hobby that has died out over time in Trinidad and Tobago.

“We wanted to offer an alternative to our annual summer football camps" said Stars’ Operations Director, Kevin Harrison. “Not every child is sport minded so we decided we would offer something interesting, fun and also educational.”

Harrison said that one of the attractions of stamp collecting as an educational tool is that children actually want to learn more.

“If a child has a stamp that says "Suomi", he naturally wants to know which country issued the stamp. Once the child is shown that "Suomi" means Finland, he will remember this. You can then engage the child in a conversation about Finland, where it can be found on a map, climate etc.

“While we are not educational experts, we do have an ex teacher in Necia Holzman who has volunteered to assist us. She taught at several schools including QRC before moving to USA. Necia, better remembered as Miss Ali by her students, returned to T&T because she wanted to contribute in a positive way to help young people develop,” added Harrison.

The project is expected to encourage children to write to pen-pals overseas to swap stamps.

“We will also help the children think of other sources of stamps, for instance, writing to embassies and foreign businesses in Trinidad & Tobago," said Harrison.

“Imagine how exciting it would be for a child in Sangre Grande to receive a letter from Japan," Harrison continued. "Letter writing has become a lost art form with the advent of email. However, I believe that writing letters will once again become a preferred method of communication. Imagine applying for a job via email. How many emails go unopened? People will always open a letter. Therefore, if you want to ensure your resume is read, you should send it by post. We hope our project will reinforce the benefits of fun in letter writing, and of course help improve spelling and grammar."

The "Stamp Camps" are scheduled for Mondays at the Sangre Grande Civic Centre, beginning on July 11.