Oasis partners with Youth TT Pro League

Oasis partners with Youth TT Pro League
Oasis has extended its relationship with the TT Pro League agreeing on a three-year naming partnership deal of the Youth Pro League.

The agreement was announced on Thursday morning at a press conference held at the Hasely Crawford Stadium VIP Lounge, Port of Spain.

Oasis, official water of the TT Pro League has now become the first ever title sponsor of the Youth League which currently hosts the U14, U16 and U18 divisions.  

Speaking on behalf of SM Jaleel, distributers of Oasis Water, General Manager Tony Ali said, “We at SM Jaleel understand that the Youth Leagues are sometimes left with little or no support. We also acknowledge that we have a responsibility to support the communities in which we operate. Thus, we are proud to announce that Oasis will be the title sponsor of the Youth Pro League and have given our commitments for the next three years.”

Oasis has contributed $150,000.00 to assist with operations of the Youth Pro League, as well as weekly supplies of water for youth teams over the three year period. Oasis will also have a number of match day competitions for fans. Fans can also experience a new social interactive youth website www.youth.ttproleague.com with articles, photographs and videos uploaded by fans in which prizes will be awarded.

Ali continued, “Oasis is committed to the development of young people in Trinidad and Tobago and in supporting them in these types of activities. Activities where they can learn about sportsmanship and teamwork, in which they can take personal pride. We know that we are doing our  part in helping their development in heading into the right direction.”

A delighted TT Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene applauded Oasis in his opening remarks.

He said, “I hail Oasis for sharing the TT Pro League’s concern and determination to do right by the youth footballers. This is an historic day for the TT Pro League and we congratulate OASIS.

“Sport provides an opportunity to learn life skills such as fairplay, teamwork, tolerance and teaches us to strive for excellence. It builds self esteem and self discipline, and it can also foster healthy lifestyle choices.

“We need to remember why we play the sport, and that it is about fun and enjoyment. Mistakes are learning opportunities. We are all human and therefore imperfect. We are human beings and not human doings.

“Both OASIS and the TT Pro League are mindful of this and accordingly want to caution the coaches, parents and supporters to help engender a spirit of fairplay, and ensure that everyone communicates that the intention is to make sure enjoyment is had, and that learning is fun.

Skeene added that it is critical for clubs to bring out their supporters so that the League can give back to Oasis, title sponsor of the Oasis Youth League.