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Fenwick blames mismanagement for Petrotrin pullout

United Petrotrin FC may have announced its withdrawal from the TT Pro League’s 2010 season more than a week ago, however the disappointment is still alive and will remain that way in the southwest region for a long time said returning San Juan Jabloteh Technical Director Terry Fenwick.

Fenwick blames mismanagement for Petrotrin pullout

Fenwick a former England international and multiple (Digicel) Pro League championship winner watched the entire 2009 season as a spectator and sometimes tv host after his San Juan based club failed to secure wages for his services.

Fenwick witnessed his club fail to defend back-to-back League championships—which he won as coach—under stand-in coach Earl Jean. He also witnessed Bmobile Joe Public grab an amazing five titles, three of which he won the previous year.

And most disappointing, according to the former Portsmouth and Northampton Town manager, the underwhelming performances by United Petrotrin that failed to make the Big Six round.

“They spent a lot of money that should have given them the League title last season,” Fenwick said who rejoined Jabloteh following the 2009 season. “But they didn’t even make the Big Six.”

Fenwick added, “It was gross incompetence by the management and a clear misunderstanding of how football works.

“They hired (Brazilian coach) Marcos Tinocos and handed him players. It was clearly poor management by United Petrotrin and now they have pulled out.”

United Petrotrin equipped with Tinoco and his staff, along with high profile players such as Arnold Dwarika, Cyd Gray, Ian Gray, Aurtis Whitley, Gary Glasgow, Nigel Pierre, Nigel Daniel, Devon Caseman and Stokely Mason all on ‘rumored’ high salaries had a disappointing 2009 season.

With more resources that were available to former coach Brian Williams and even a preseason trip to Colombia, the ‘Oilmen’ flopped with a seventh position finish in the Digicel Pro League next to 30 points.

“They have done much better with Brian Williams,” said Fenwick. “He(Williams) had done well in the development of young players during his time at the club and it’s a huge disappointment for Petrotrin and the southweast part of Trinidad.

“Petrotrin is supposed to be about national development and now they are out of the League,” ended the dissapointed Englishman.

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