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Pro League remains positive

​A section of football fans who turned out at the Park Street Recreation Ground in Morvant witness home team Morvant Caledonia United in action during the 2016/17 season.

The following is press statement from TT Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene refuting the premature predictions and rumors of the demise of the TT Pro league.

The TT Pro League continues to strive to become self-sufficient. The League has survived difficult times before and will survive these rough times.

Football is the number one participation sport that touches all classes, creeds, races, communities and villages.

This current period that is as rough and tough as they come from an economic perspective. It is a test of the League’s resilience, commitment and dedication to its vision and mission of becoming a sustainable and viable football industry, one that provides legitimate careers for young persons with football talent.
​Through the lens of a spectator at the Park Street Recreation Ground in Morvant to witness home team Morvant Caledonia United in action during the 2016/17 season.
The League is focused on developing the model based on strategically positioning of the games within the communities occupied and identified by the teams. Having a more community focus is a critical success factor and ultimately a key performance indicator to the success of the teams building their respective fan bases and revenue streams from gate receipts, sponsorship, naming rights, merchandising and broadcast rights.

Given our individual and collective commitment to the League and an understanding of the broader economic challenges and difficulties we realize that the tests facing the League are no different to those of the business community.

This is a time for the League to stay focused and positive and continue to work together.

I believe we will rise to overcome this temporary situation and we will emerge from these tremendously trying circumstances to become a vibrant, successful football League that is not dependent on the government for its finances and revenue.

The TT Pro League will overcome. We will prevail.  Without a vision the people perish.

Predictions and rumors of the demise of the TT Pro league are indeed premature. The League is having ongoing discussions with proposed sponsors, the Sport Company and the Ministry of Sport, and is assured of the support of the Minister, the Chairman and board of the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago.

Upcoming Pro League 2017 fixtures
Round One Match Day Nine
(Friday 4 August 2017)
Hasely Crawford Stadium
St. Ann’s Rangers vs Point Fortin Civic—6pm
Morvant Caledonia United vs W Connection—8pm

(Saturday 5 August 2017)
Mannie Ramjohn Stadium
Club Sando vs Defence Force—4pm

(Monday 7 August 2017)
Hasely Crawford Stadium training field
Police FC vs Central FC—6pm

(Tuesday 22 August 2017)
Barataria Recreation Ground
San Juan Jabloteh vs North East Stars—5pm